Privacy policy

1. Private data collected

Information is collected via two methods. Through Apples own analytics (which cannot be disabled by me, but you can opt out), and through Mixpanel, a third party analytics service. Apple tracks everything that happens 'outside' the app. In other-words, app-store impressions, downloads, conversions etc. Mixpanel on the other hand allows me to see how the app is used, i.e. which buttons are tapped, how often, how much time is spent on each screen, etc. Both platforms only keep track of numbers, and never any personal information. There's no way, through either of these services that I can determine who you are as an individual.

1.1. Third Parties

No identifying information is ever sent to third parties, even if it's anonymous. Tracking and serving ads based on this information is super creepy and it will not be in any of my apps. This means no social logins, ad SDKs, or third party data storage services. Unfortunately this also means that the only way I can make money from my products is by your support alone. If you haven't got a subscription to Mustud. Please consider doing so.

1.2. Advertising

It doesn't exist within Mustud. I refuse to track you, or try to serve you personalised ads.

2. Accounts

At some point you may need to create an account. I do plan on adding more robust sharing features to Mustud. An online trove of worksheets shared by other creators. In the case where this does happen, you may need to set up an account to take advantage of that. Where possible, all sharing will be done through Apples CloudKit features (Works with the AppleID you already have). If not possible, you'll be able to opt out, and once again, nothing will be sent to third parties.

2.1. Transaction ID

To provide support, I may ask you to send me an ID so that I can find your purchase in the database. If you're having trouble with unlocking features, you won a competition or you're a really cool person, I'll be able to use this ID to do things such as providing free lifetime subscriptions.

3. Analytics

Mustud uses no analytics services other than those already provided by Apple and Mixpanel (see 1.).

3.1. What Statistics Can Be Seen?

Apple shows me stats based on the usage of all apps, and never information on a single user. Things like number of sessions for the day, or downloads, updates, purchases, revenue and retention. (See section 1.)

This site is being run on Netlify, so I'm sure they have their own analytics too. I'd check out thier privacy policy if you have any concerns.